Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Remission Program

At Sydney Exercise Medicine, we aim for type 2 diabetes remission and/or improved diabetes control. We do this via lifestyle changes, education, and the addition of specific types of exercise prescription.

Sydney Exercise Medicine wants to shift the paradigm that diabetes is a “progressive condition” and offer the most up-to date scientific backed care, treatment, and education to assist you in beating diabetes.

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Is type 2 diabetes progressive?

According to the Australian institute of health and welfare, around 1.3 million people were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes between 2000 and 2020 in Australia. Type 2 Diabetes is on a continuous increase and diagnoses are becoming more prevalent even in younger age groups. This is the real pandemic. 

Type 2 diabetes has long been identified as an incurable and progressive chronic condition which will ultimately require more medications and insulin injections…This is false.  The evidence is clear that type 2 diabetes reversal/remission is achievable. In fact, we have evidence of type 2 diabetes remission via exercise and diet, dating back to 1991. Despite mounting evidence that reversal/remission is possible, achieving reversal/remission is not often promoted by our health-care system and government. In fact, reversal is not even a goal in diabetes guidelines at all. The current standard of care (medications without lifestyle change) is failing. The standard of care is the reason why type 2 diabetes is a “progressive condition” and there is scientific evidence to back this.

Although genetics play a role in the cause of type 2 diabetes, lifestyle factors like an unhealthy diet and low levels of physical activity play an even BIGGER role in the cause of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, changing your lifestyle, via the addition of exercise and a healthy diabetic-friendly diet can result in diabetes remission/reversal.

How does the program work?

Aim: Improving diabetes control and aid in the remission of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes via an exercise-based plan.

What’s involved?

– Initial consultation to create an Individualised plan to beat diabetes.

– Individualised exercise program.

– Nutritional and educational material.

– 1:1 face-to-face or online exercise sessions.

– Ongoing support.

– Access to group exercise classes

Using up-to-date research in the field of exercise and nutrition to help you beat diabetes.

Medicare and private health rebates available.

What is an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is an important part of creating an individualised plan to beat your diabetes. It allows us to understand you, your goals, health conditions, medications and lifestyle. This is followed by some physical testing. Together, this allows us to formulate an individualised, effective and safe exercise plan. By the end of the the initial consultation you will receive your individualised exercise plan (this can be created to be done at home or in a gym) as well as educational and nutritional material packs to support your health journey. It is a complete plan to help you put diabetes into remission and/or improve your diabetes through improved glucose control and fat loss. In this consultation we will also plan your 1:1 or group exercise sessions with the exercise physiologist. 


Invest in your health.

Initial consultation fee: $90 
Subsequent consultation and training session fee:

If you have a Medicare referral or private health you may be eligible for rebates (see below).

Individual allied health services under Medicare (referral)
Those with health conditions can request a referral form for individual allied health services under Medicare. If you have a GP referral for exercise physiology services, you will receive a Medicare rebate of $56 for exercise physiology consultations/sessions. This means you only need to pay a gap fee of $34 for initial consultations and $24 for subsequent sessions (including reviews and training sessions). You can get 5 referral/year. 

Type 2 diabetes Group Exercise Services (bulk-billed referral)
Those with type 2 diabetes can request a referral form for Group Allied Health Services under Medicare which can also be used for exercise physiology services. You will receive an initial consultation + 8 group exercise sessions covered by Medicare. 

Private health rebates are also available.

Please view our “Referrals” page tab for more information on getting your referral.