Group exercise classes may be enticing due to the atmosphere and social aspects involved, but if you really want life-changing benefits to take your health to the next level, 1-on-1 exercise training is the way to go. Here, we delve into the advantages of personalised sessions over group training, emphasising why the investment in an individualised approach yields maximum value and transformative outcomes.

Negatives of group training:

  1. Non-tailored approach: Group exercise classes often have a general structure that may not cater to individual fitness levels or specific health conditions. Some participants might find the pace too fast or too slow, leading to a less personalized experience.
  2. Risk of Injury: In a group setting, participants may not receive sufficient attention from instructors to ensure proper form and technique. In addition, the exercise selection may not be suitable to your unique needs and goals. This lack of personalized guidance can increase the risk of injuries, especially for individuals with pre-existing health concerns or limitations.
  3. Performance Pressure: In a group setting, individuals may feel pressured to keep up with the pace or match the skill level of others. This pressure can lead to stress and anxiety, as well as increasing the risk of injury, especially for beginners or those who are still building their fitness foundation.
  4. Exercise Plateaus: You may find that you have a higher level of fitness than what the group fitness class offers, and this can place a limit on your exercise progressions and long-term success.

Benefits of 1 on 1 Exercise Services at Sydney Exercise Medicine – Your Path to Life Changing Results:

1. Quality & Focus: Undivided attention and commitment to you.
At Sydney Exercise Medicine our focus is you. We offer uninterrupted 45-minute exercise sessions dedicated solely to you and your health professional. This allows for undivided attention on you, allowing for exercise personalisation, safety, appropriate load selection, correction in technique as well as any questions to be answered. While the social aspect of group classes can be enticing, the true essence of improved health and fitness lies in the quality, focus, and individualisation of our 1:1 exercise service. Whether conducted via face-to-face or online, our 1-on-1 exercise physiology service prioritizes your unique needs, ensuring the highest quality and value for your fitness and health journey.

2. Tailored-Exercise Prescription: Individualised to YOU.
Our exercise prescription and exercise sessions are designed by an accredited exercise physiologist who tailors your exercise program towards your goals, current capacities, fitness levels, health conditions and current circumstances. We also offer an exercise app which has your personalised exercise prescription and health plan and allows you to complete self-managed tailored exercise.

3. Breaking Free from Plateaus: Limitless potential and appropriate progressions.
We have experienced group training as a coach, and we understand the allure of the group atmosphere. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent limitation in individual progression within such settings. Sessions designed for a diverse group can often lead to plateaus in fitness improvements. Transitioning to individualised exercise sessions with Sydney Exercise Medicine, not only breaks through these plateaus but opens a realm of endless possibilities for your personal growth and health achievements.

4. Maximum Value in a Supportive Community:
Joining Sydney Exercise Medicine means becoming part of a growing community that is supportive and friendly. While gaining benefits of an individualized experience, you will still experience the sense of community and social interaction that group training offers. Sydney Exercise Medicine fosters an environment where personal achievements, from hitting new fitness milestones to forming friendships, are celebrated.


5. Session Adaptability and Personalisation:
Our Exercise Physiologists at Sydney Exercise Medicine are skilled at adapting and modifying your exercise session on the spot, based on how you feel, ensuring each session provides maximum output and value. Training should be a personalised and exciting experience, and Sydney Exercise Medicine is committed to creating a space where you feel supported, encouraged, and motivated to achieve your fitness and health goals.

6. Metric tracking:
Working 1 on 1 with your exercise physiologist allows for metrics to be tracked. This includes metrics taken on a session-to-session basis, which may involve blood pressure testing, blood glucose testing, recording loads lifted and reps completed, which guides safe exercise sessions and progress. We also take other measures on a 4-week basis which may involve bodyweight, circumferences, range of motion, strength testing, movement screening and other important tests related to your goals and health condition.

Access to a dedicated Exercise Physiologist is a valuable resource that is increasingly sought after for good reason. Sydney Exercise Medicine offers the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide you on a health and fitness journey tailored to YOU. Our commitment is to provide a high quality, safe & effective exercise services dedicated to you and your goals!

Ready to experience the transformative benefits of 1-on-1 training? Be guided in the right direction by an expert professional. Join Sydney Exercise Medicine and embark on a health journey that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Learn more about the unique advantages of personalised training by visiting our website or contacting us directly. Your transformation awaits!

Expert Author: Christopher Kondos (Accredited Exercise Physiologist and founder of Sydney Exercise Medicine).

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Written by Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Christopher Kondos

Christopher Kondos is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 6+ years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Christopher has completed a Sports & Exercise Science Degree and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.
– Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst -2022 (Received an Executive Dean’s Award for these studies)
– Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University, Strathfield – 2019
-Student Exercise Physiologist at Nepean Hospital (Cardiac Rehabilitation) 2021
– Approved SIRA Provider (No. 20963)
– ASCA Strength and Conditioning Level 1 accreditation – 2018

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