Do you want professional exercise prescription from an exercise physiologist?

We know how beneficial our services are, so we wanted to be able to provide these services to a larger population. Welcome to Sydney Exercise Medicine’s online exercise physiology services. 

Social media and the internet can give unhelpful, poor health advice which is NOT individualised to you. We are the most knowledgeable health profession when it comes to exercise.  We can create the most effective and individualised exercise and health prescription. 




Step 1: Book in your free video call with the exercise physiologist!

Firstly, let’s see if we can help you! Book in a free call today. This is an important part of creating your personalised exercise and health plan. Once you have booked in your video call, you will be sent an email confirmation and link for the video call.

Step 2: Attend the call!

Please be loyal to yourself and to us. Attend your scheduled video call at your scheduled time.

Step 3: Follow your individualised health plan.

Once your initial consultation is complete, you will be emailed with a link which gives you access to the app and your personalised exercise program, custom nutrition, community groups, 24/7 communication with your coach (Exercise Physiologist – Chris), plus more all in one-app!

Invest in your health!

Constant support from exercise physiologist. 

Personalised exercise program.


Body metrics.

Regular updates to exercise program. 


Whats included?

  • Initial consultation video call (frist step of the program).

  • Personalised exercise program (updated and progressed monthly with monthly reviews).

  • Adherence tracking – keeping you accountable.

  • Progress tracking.

  • 24/7 support and communication with your exercise physiologist.

  • Custom nutrition and supplement advice.

  • Hundreds of how to exercise videos.

  • Access to Sydney Exercise Medicine community groups.

  • Gym, home or bodyweight exercise plans.

  • Specialising in chronic disease management, diabetes and fat loss.

Tele-health (Online Exercise Physiology Service)

An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional who has at least 4-years of university level knowledge. Exercise physiologist use exercise as medicine in order to prevent, treat or manage health conditions and injuries. An exercise physiologist has the knowledge and skillset to prescribe safe, effective and individualised exercise programs based on a person’s circumstances, health conditions and goals. In addition, as an exercise physiologist, we utilize the latest research in exercise science and research to provide the most effective and appropriate exercise for you!


Christopher Kondos is an accredited exercise physiologist. He has the knowledge and skills to prescribe exercise to different populations including those with chronic disease and health conditions.

Christopher has completed a Bachelors degree in exercise and sport sceince and a Masters degree in clinical exercise physiology.

He has the knowledge and also has the expereince, being in the fitness industry for over 5 years!
He has a variety of experience working with elite sport teams, Nepean hospital and private clincal exercise physiology services including chronic disease management and injury rehabilitation.

He is equipped to help any individual acheive their fitness and health goals and Christopher now wants to help more people via online exercise physiology!

Christopher Kondos Sydney exercise Medicine